Sushi Bar Lunch Special

Sushi Bar

a. 5 piece sushi and 1 california roll  15

b. 5 piece sushi and 1 cruch spicy tuna  18

c. 2 piece tuna sushi, 2 piece yellow tail sushi, and1 alaskan roll  18

Sashimi  15

9 piece of sashimi served with rice

Roll Combo

a. Ebi and California roll   10

b. cruchy spicy tuna roll and california roll  12

c. salmon avocado roll and california roll  10

d. maki combo:tuna roll, california roll, yellow tail with scallion roll  17

Maguro Lunch  18

4 Piece tuna sushi and 1 cruchy spicy tuna roll

Salmon Lunch  18

4 piece salmon sushi and 1 alaskan roll

Combo Special  20

5 piece sushi and 6 pieces sashimi

August Moon's Selection  20

Please select one item from A, B, C:

a. edamame or gyoza or seaweed salad

b. 1 california roll or 1 spicy tuna roll

c. sashimi or salmon teriyaki or chicken teriyaki or tempura

All prices are subject to change without notice and may differ from website and in-house menu