Sushi Bar Lunch Special

Sushi Combo (select one option)

a. 5 piece sushi and 1 Alaskan roll  22

b. 5 piece sushi and 1 California roll   22

c. 5 piece sushi and 1 crunchy spicy tuna  22

Sashimi  Lunch 20

12 piece of sashimi served with rice

Roll Combo 15

Select 2 rolls: California roll, crunchy spicy tuna roll, Alaskan roll, shrimp tempura roll, yellow tail with scallion roll  

Maguro Lunch  24

5 Piece tuna sushi and 1 crunchy spicy tuna roll

Salmon Lunch  24

5 piece salmon sushi and 1 Alaskan roll

Vegetable Roll Combo  10

Select 2 rolls: mixed vegetable roll, sweet potato roll, kappa roll, shiitake mushroom roll, avocado roll

All prices are subject to change without notice and may differ from website and in-house menu