All stew entrees are served with rice

Yukkae Jang         17                                                              

A mild stew with pulled beef, scallions, and vegetables

Doen Jang Jigae        17                                                           

Tofu and seafood simmered in a soy based broth with vegetables

Soon Doo Boo          17                                                     

Soft tofu simmered in a mild broth (choice of:  seafood or vegetarian)

Duk Mandoo Gook          15                                              

Simmered rice cakes and beef dumpling stew with eggs

Daegu Mae Eun Tang        20                                                                  

Slow simmered cod fish with vegetables in a mild chili broth

Kimchi Jigae            17                                                         

Kim chi and pork slow simmered in a mild chili broth with tofu


All prices are subject to change without notice and may differ from website and in-house menu