Sashimi Sushi and Common Rolls

All Sashimi are served 3 pieces per order and all Sushi are served 2 pieces per order

Maguro tuna          8                         

Escolar  white tuna    8                      

Hamachi  yellow tail      9                       

Unagi  eel     10                                       

Uni  sea urchin     Market                                                 

Ama Ebi  spot prawns   10                                    

Hokkigai  surf clam   7                                                

Tako    octopus      7                                          

Tamago  egg omelet    5                                             

Masago  smelt roe        8                                           


Sake  salmon       7

Smoked Salmon      8

Suzuki  striped bass       7

Hirame  fluke       8

Hotate  scallop        9

Ebi  shrimp        7

Kani  crab meat       6

Ika  squid          7

Tobiko  flying fish roe      8

Ikura  salmon roe           9

Common Rolls Rolls that you may be able to find in many sushi restaurants

August Moon Roll             14                                        

Avocado, cucumber, and crabmeat, topped with eel

Rainbow Roll          14                                                      

Avocado, cucumber, and crabmeat, topped with tuna, yellow tail, and salmon

Fancy Salmon Roll           15                                            

Salmon tempura topped with spicy tuna, scallion, masago, and eels sauce

Fireworks Roll            14                                                       

Shrimp tempura topped with spicy tuna, scallion, masago, and eel sauce

Dragon Roll              14                                                

Eel and cucumber, topped with avocado and eel sauce

Honeymoon Roll         18                                                       

Shrimp tempura and asparagus, topped with salmon, avocado, spicy mayo, and eel sauce

Hong Kong Dragon Roll              19                              

Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, and tempura crunch topped with tuna, eel, avocado, and eel sauce

Marble Roll               20                                                

Tuna, yellow tail, salmon, avocado, cucumber, smelt roe, tempura crunch, and spicy mayo


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