Noodle Dishes

Tempura Udon  17

Udon noodles in a seafood broth served with shrimp or vegetarian

Seafood Jampoong  19

Thick rice noodles with fresh seafood and vegetables in a spicy seafood broth

Tempura Soba  17

Thin strands of buckwheat noodles in a seafood broth served with a side of shrimp & vegetable tempura

Vegetarian Tempura Udon  15

Thick rice boodles in a seafood broth, served with a side of vegetable tempura

Jap Chae  17

Clear thin sweet potato noodles stir-fried with a seasonal sesame and soy sauce (beef or vegetarian)

Yaki Soba  17

Egg noodles stir fried with seafood (or beef, chicken) and vegetables.

Nabeyaki Udon  17

Rice noodles slow simmered with pulled chicken breast in a chicken broth with an egg


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