Hot Appetizers

Seafood Pa Chun      10                                                

Pan-seared Korean style pancakes with seafood and scallions

Vegetable Pa Chun    10                                                         

Pan-seared Korean style pancakes with vegetables and scallion

Agedashi Tofu       5                                                              

Crispy flash-fried tofu complimented by a ginger infused soy broth

Shrimp Shumai       5                                                            

Fine minced shrimp and vegetables, blanketed by dumpling wrappers and steamed

Wasabi Pork Shumai       5                                                      

Fine minced pork vegetables, blanketed by wasabi dumpling wrappers and steamed

Gyoza          5                                                                 

Home-made fried dumplings (beef)

Dukbokki          8                                                                 

Soft Korean rice cakes tossed with beef and mushrooms in a mild chili pepper cream sauce

Tempura Appetizer          8                                                    

Lightly fried tempura battered shrimp and vegetables

Edamame             5                                                             

Steamed soybean pods, seasoned with sea salt

Yakitori        5                                                               

Grilled chicken skewers smeared with a sweet soy and fruit reduction

Harumaki         5                                                        

Vegetable spring roll


All prices are subject to change without notice and may differ from website and in-house menu