August Moon’s Signature Rolls

Rolls created by our Sushi Chef


Polar Bear Roll           13                                                        

Crunchy salmon and avocado inside, topped with white tuna and a sweet and spicy sauce

New August Moon Roll           15                                    

Crunchy spicy tuna inside, topped with white fish, caviar, and pine nuts

Radiation Roll              15                                                       

Crunchy spicy salmon inside, topped with fresh scallop, Japanese mayo, and caviar

Godzilla Roll           13                                                          

Crunchy spicy tuna inside, topped with eel, avocado, and caviar

Volcano Roll          14                                                           

Crunchy spicy tuna and asparagus inside, topped with crunchy spicy salmon & caviar

Tiger Roll      14                 

Crunchy spicy tuna, asparagus inside, topped with salmon

Dancing Shrimp Roll        12                                                  

Tempura shrimp and cucumber inside, topped with crabmeat, caviar,

& Japanese mayo

Lobster Roll         15                                                          

Tempura lobster, crabmeat, avocado, asparagus, caviar, and sweet and spicy sauce

Shrek Roll           13                                                              

Crunchy seaweed salad inside, topped with white fish, shrimp, and wasabi mayo

Play Boy Roll           13                                                            

Crab meat, cucumber, and avocado inside, topped with tuna

Christmas Roll            14                                                         

Spicy crabmeat with cucumbers inside, topped with tuna, white tuna, caviar, wasabi mayo



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