Seafood Jeongol

Seafood Jeongol         $M.P.                                

Always a great dining experience! Enjoy this traditional favorite of shrimp, crab, mussels, and fish simmered in a mild seafood broth with noodles and vegetables.  Good for 2 or more people


Teriyaki Salmon

Salmon Teriyaki         20                                                                         

Fresh Salmon, pan seared to mouth watering perfection with our signature teriyaki reduction.

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Volcano Roll

Volcano Roll          14                                                           

Crunchy spicy tuna and asparagus inside, topped with crunchy spicy salmon & caviar

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Featured Stew: Doen Jang Jigae

Doen Jang Jigae        15                                                          

Tofu and seafood simmered in a soy based broth with vegetables

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